Virtual Office in The 

Virtual Office in The Netherlands

You sell a product via a Dutch webshop and that is going very well. Now you are thinking about offering your product in other countries. How do you handle that?

If you want to take the step to a new country as an entrepreneur, you can of course immediately set up a company there. You rent an office, appoint a responsible person, find a local contact person, open a bank account, apply for a VAT number, delve into the local tax system and start a separate administration. After a few months, however, it turns out: in that country they are not at all keen on your product. Your business there is not profitable.


To avoid such surprises, it is wise to start with a virtual office when moving abroad. A virtual office means that you have an address, telephone number, possibly a fax number, website and email address in another country. This allows you to find out at low cost and low risk whether there is actually a market for the product you are selling in that country.

Affordable, flexible and simple. These are the stand out features of a virtual office. Many businesses take advantage of virtual offices to boost their international presence and make operating a foreign business as easy as possible.


But the biggest advantage of a virtual office is that it helps inspire trust in your business from your clients. A virtual office (along with a local bank account) help reassure clients that they’re dealing with a local business covered by local law. This helps instill confidence in any transactions or contracts that they choose to enter in with your business.


You may be looking to test out a market before you commit to investing in a fully fledged office. Or maybe you’re services are fully remote meaning you only need a virtual presence. Whatever you reasons, virtual offices are a great option for businesses that desire greater flexibility and speed while keeping costs low.

What Does a Virtual Office Look Like

Simply put, a virtual office provides you with a business address that can be used to demonstrate your physical presence in a particular country. You can receive all correspondence to this address, have a dedicated local phone number and can use it on your business cards, stationary, emails and more.

How does a virtual office work?

As an example, we take a Dutch business that sells Ipads through their webshop. The company has customers not only in the Netherlands but also in Germany. Those German customers previously had to order an Ipad via the Dutch website. If they had questions, they had to call a Dutch phone number and if they wanted to return their Ipad, they should call a Dutch return address.

To better serve its German customers, the company has established a virtual office in Germany. This way they can take a look at whether their company has a chance of succeeding. They now have a German phone number and a German address that they can list on their German website. That gives them a local and familiar look. If a German customer now comes to the website, the threshold for ordering an Ipad from this company is much lower than before on the Dutch website.

We provide virtual offices in a range of locations in the following locations:

  • The Netherlands

  • France

  • Germany

  • Luxembourg

  • Belgium

  • England

  • United States of America

Our basic package runs at €295 a year. In addition to the virtual office, we can provide additional related services such as mail and call forwarding.

Packages and telephone calls

If the German customer has a question, he calls the German telephone number. That telephone number can be forwarded to any possible number in the world, for example to the company in the Netherlands. The company may also choose to forward the phone number to a contact person in Germany who speaks the language and takes phone calls. Or, if necessary, we offer a service where we engage someone to answer local calls. 

The virtual address is not just any mailbox, it is a complete address where the company can receive mail and packages. That means they have a local return address, which can make a big difference for customers. Packages are collected at that address and forwarded to the Netherlands. 

For the Dutch company, almost everything remains the same, but for the German customer everything suddenly feels very different. The company now has a local appearance in Germany, but is not yet attached to an actual company there. That saves a lot of costs and hassle, especially if you do not yet know whether your product will catch on in a new country. 

A virtual office is not only an option in Germany or Belgium, in principle it can be done anywhere in the world. It is not complicated either: we can set up a virtual office for you within 24 hours.

A foreign company in the Netherlands

INCO supports not only Dutch companies that want to do business abroad, but also foreign companies that want to start a business in the Netherlands. Take a French company that rents out holiday homes, for example. To appeal to the Dutch market, they have set up a virtual office in the Netherlands. They have a Dutch website with a Dutch email address, a Dutch telephone number and a Dutch address. That telephone line is ringing off the hook every day. Would that have been the case if the phone number was still French? 

The turning point; starting your overseas business

At a certain point, as an entrepreneur you arrive at a tipping point. Your company is doing very well abroad. But with a virtual office you cannot register in the local trade register. You will not receive a local VAT number and you cannot open a bank account in that country in the name of your virtual office. So you cannot invoice from that country or hire local staff. 

If you want to be able to do all that, it will be interesting to set up an actual company in a country. Even then we can help you. We can set up the right legal form for you, request a VAT number for you and introduce you to a local bank that suits your company.

Local Business Centers

INCO has a long history in operating Business Centers in The Netherlands. We have had business centers in Belgium, Breda, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Howeevr, due to regulatons accounting firms are no longer allowed to provide, or faciliate in the provsiion of virtual office services. Our clients nowadays typically work with Business Centers in The Netherlands, such as Regus, WeWork, B. Amsterdam, CIC Rotterdam, House of Companies, etc.
INCO can still provide telephone numbers in The Netherlands and phone answering services, as well as basic mailing and storage services.


We can guide you in this and are happy to find out which location suits you best. Are you interested in a virtual office or a company abroad? Please feel free to contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

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