Starting a
Dutch N.V.

Opening a Dutch N.V. Company in the Netherlands

The Dutch N.V. (public limited) is similar to the Dutch B.V. (private limited) because the company’s capital is also invested and owned by shareholders. However, the company’s shares are not registered to certain owners, so that they may be traded on the public stock market. The phrase literally means “nameless partnership” or “anonymous venture” and comes from the fact that the shareholders are not directly known. This is in contrast to the Dutch B.V. Moreover, the minimum start capital for the Dutch NV is much higher, namely €45.000 EUR. The shareholders are not personally liable for the liabilities of the firm.


  • No local director or shareholder is required to incorporate the N.V.

  • The N.V. can issue a variety of share classes

  • The main advantage of the Dutch NV is that it enables you to trade your shares on the stock market. Secondly, this type of corporate entity enables the shareholder to remain unknown to the public.

  • The Dutch N.V has a much better reputation than the B.V as it is considered a ‘large’ company

  • Bearer shares are officially no longer possible, and each owner of a share must be known. The Netherlands is planning to introduce an Ultimate Beneficial Owner-register.

Company Application                               Common

Holding/HQ Activities                               Very

Trading Activities                                      Normal

Re-invoicing Activities                              Low

Owning Assets (IP, etc.)                           Normal

Representation Office                              Low

Sales Office & Representative                 Low

Funds and Finance Activities                   Very

Remote or standard formation?

It’s common practice to visit Netherlands to establish the N.V, since such a visit is obligatory if you want to obtain a Dutch bank account for your business. 

There is no legal requirement to open a Dutch bank account, to deposit the share capital of the company, or run the business. If you do not wish to open a Dutch bank account, you might be eligible for a remote formation, which means you will be able to register your company from your home country. Please contact us if you have any questions about what type of formation would suit your situation best.

Process & Timeline

The formation procedure of a Dutch N.V. is very similar, to the procedure to incorporate a Dutch B.V. Typically, there is spend more attention on the Formation Deed, and/or Shareholders agreement because of the interest of multiple investors and shareholders. 

The Costs

The cost of an NV formation is displayed in our separate Fee Schedule. There you will see there is a breakdown of all expenses, which means you will have complete insight into the costs. All notary fees are included in the price.

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