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Steps to take regarding recognition as a sponsor by the IND

To hire highly skilled migrants or researchers a company has to be recognized as a sponsor. Recognition as a sponsor is not required for hiring foreign employees in relation to other work.

When your company is recognized as a sponsor I will benefit from a number of advantages, for example: The IND will handle your applications faster. The application costs are € 3.927. A start up or companies with less than 50 employers will get a discount. 

Recognised sponsorship will also allow you to obtain ICT permit faster.


Steps to take for the recognition

  • The application needs to be filed with the IND. After the IND receives the application, the IND sends a letter with the payment details.

  • You will receive a letter in which the IND indicates the period of time needed to make a decision.

  • The IND will check whether all conditions are met and takes a decision within four weeks. The decision will either be positive or negative.

  • When a positive decision is made, the company will be entered in the Public Register of Sponsors.

After the recognition

  • The recognition only serves the purpose for which the recognition is given.

  • When the recognition is given, applications for foreign employees can be submitted. The organization has to declare the employee meets the conditions. The conditions and the forms can be found on

  • The company can have the application submitted by an authorized representative such as INCO.

  • Be aware that when the business of the company changes. A new recognitions is required. The costs of this recognition are € 1.963.

As a recognized sponsor you have rights and obligations.


  • When a complete application is filed the IND will decide in two weeks.

  • Less evidence is needed.

  • Questions can be send to a special email.


  • You asses and submit all applications.

  • You need to check whether the employee still meets all requirements.

  • You fulfill your obligations as a sponsor.

  • Every change with an employee has to be declared as soon as possible.

The following information is necessary throughout the process

  • Details of the applicant

    • Name ​

    • Address

    • Contact person

    • Telephone number

    • E-mail

    • Wage tax and national insurance number

  • Details of the authorized representative (INCO?)

  • Registration in the Commercial register

    • Chamber of commerce number​

    • Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number (RSIN)

  • Purpose of residence

  • Who will sign the document

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