starting A company as

an expat

Starting a company in the Netherlands as an Expat

Starting a company in The Netherlands as an expat is not complex, once you know what to do… This means that although the practical procedure to establish a sole proprietorship or a Dutch BV, is not completed, it’s important to get a full understanding of the legal and tax requirements before you can get started.

This article will help you understand the important requirements, before starting a company in the Netherlands as an expat. 

In case you are reading this article from a European country, as an EU national, then you have the luxury of having to skip the Residency requirements (unless you are reading this from the UK!). In case you are planning to start a company in the Netherlands, as a non-EU national, it might be best to look into the Startup Visa, and Entrepreneurs Visa first, to see if it’s likely you are able to apply for Dutch residency.

In case you are reading this article from the Netherlands, as a Highly Skilled Migrant (with an appropriate type of work permit) then you are also in luck! You are able to create a company in the Netherlands, without any extra alterations to your current work permit (assuming you will hold on to your Dutch job for now!).

1. Select the legal Entity
2. Consider the formation requirements & timeline
3. Decide on a trade Name
4. Consider the costs of registration
5. Get a full understanding of the
legal and administrative requirements
6. Formation of the Company and registration at the
Chamber of Commerce
7. Apply for Tax ID’s 


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