Required Documents to apply for 

VAT Number

Required Documents to apply for a Dutch VAT Number

In order to apply for a Dutch VAT number, the following documents are required:

  • Passport copy of the director

  • Proof of residential address of the director (can be overseas)

  • Proof of registration of the company (in The Netherlands, or overseas)

  • Completed Application Form (which can be completed and provided by INCO)


As mentioned in our VAT guide, there are two type of VAT numbers in the Netherlands. In order to determine if you are eligible for the VAT number, the tax authorities might request for supporting documents, based on the following questions:

  • Does your company has a physical location in The Netherlands?

  • Does your company have staff members in the Netherlands?

  • Does your company provides services or goods in the Netherlands?


If you answers one or more questions with YES, then teh Tax & Customs Administration might request you to send a proof. Like:

  • Rental Agreement

  • Employment agreement

  • Examples of purchase and sales invoices (even if you performed such services with our overseas company before).

In case you answered these questions with NO, but you still like to apply for a Dutch VAT number, then you should consider the following questions, and possible supporting documents that you need to deliver :

  • In the Netherlands, do you sell goods to private individuals? Example: You are a foreign entrepreneur and you sell CDs to private individuals at a music fair in Amsterdam.

  • From the Netherlands, do you sell goods to private individuals from other EU countries? Example: You are a foreign entrepreneur and you send, from a rented warehouse in Rotterdam, clothing to a private individual from Valencia.

  • In the Netherlands, do you sell goods to other foreign entrepreneurs?Example: As a foreign entrepreneur, you have a rented warehouse in Rotterdam where you sell cheese to an entrepreneur from Hamburg.

  • From the Netherlands, do you sell goods to entrepreneurs from other EU countries (intra-Community supplies)? Example: As a foreign entrepreneur, you rented a warehouse in Rotterdam, from whereyou sent a shipment of flower bulbs to an entrepreneur from Glasgow.

  • Do you bring your own goods from the Netherlands to another EU country? 

  • From the Netherlands, do you sell goods to customers outside the EU? 

  • Do you have intra-Community acquisitions (ICA) in the Netherlands? 

  • Did you receive any invoices with Dutch VAT that has been reverse-charged to you? 

  • Do you have other deliveries in the Netherlands subject to VAT?

  • Do you charge VAT for services provided in the Netherlands?

In case you answered one or more questions with Yes, you might want to collect supporting documents, such as purchase or sales invoice from/or to Dutch companies, to support your request for the VAT application.



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