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Registered Office Address in Netherlands

If you are expanding your business overseas, or going abroad for a longer period of time (for example for work), you will encounter a number of challenges.
A Registered Office Services in The Netherlands might offer solutions at a surprisingly low rate.

In order to start a company in The Netherlands you will need a local office address. Not just because you require a physical location to operate your business, but even before that moment comes, you require by law to have a so-called ‘registered office’ address in The Netherlands.


In The Netherlands, the registered office address is an important part of the substance requirements. Especially when your company has not appointed a local director. It’s a legal requirements to register the exact address that you actually use as visiting address, and where your statutory documents/bookkeeping will be present.

The Registered Office address in the Netherlands can not be similar to a so-called ‘Dutch registered office’. A Dutch registered office typically does not allow you to register a company at that address. 

You should be able to access the Registered Office at all times those working hours, which needs to be stated in the Lease Agreement that we will need to provide the Chamber of Commerce. It’s not allowed, just to register the Company on any address, without having any form of presence there.


INCO Global Solutions can help you to ensure that your company meets those requirements 

By dealing with your Business Center, once you have opted for their service. INCO is not able to function as an intermediary to arrange a registered office address for your company. INCO does not perform registered office services itself, due to regulatory restrictions for accounting firms such as ourselves.

What Does a Registered Office Service Look Like

Simply put, a Dutch registered office provides you with a business address that can be used to demonstrate your physical presence in a particular country. You can receive all correspondence to this address, have a dedicated local phone number and can use it on your business cards, stationary, emails and more.


Operating overseas doesn’t always require an immediate physical presence. For many of our clients, setting up a Dutch registered office is ideal for their initial overseas business needs. 


For businesses not planning on having a local workforce and have no need for a rented office but still need to present a local presence (for legal or marketing reasons), a Dutch registered office is the ideal option. Significantly cheaper than renting an office space, it will help give their company a local feel and instill confidence among customers. People will always be more comfortable dealing with a local business than an overseas one.

Why would you use a Registered Office Services in The Netherlands

Suppose you go to Ireland for half a year to maintain contacts with sellers and suppliers. You probably rent a furnished apartment somewhere, because living in a hotel for six months at a high cost is not an option. So far everything is fine. 

But which postal address do you specify if order forms or samples are to be delivered to you? Would it be a good idea to give your home address, even if it is only temporary accommodation? Because no matter how much you appreciate your customers and business partners, you will not be happy if they suddenly come to the curb outside office hours. A Dutch registered office offers the solution.

When do you choose a Dutch registered office?

A Dutch registered office is actually interesting for almost every entrepreneur. Especially if you deliver products or services remotely, for example because you have a webshop or are an online consultant or service provider, it can offer advantages. Dutch registered offices are also very popular nowadays with the so-called Stipsters - Startup Hipsters - who like to do business easily, without fixed rental contracts and the like.  

A Dutch registered office can also be very interesting for increasing your sales market in other regions. Reliability is very important to many consumers worldwide. If your company has a local appearance, this creates consumer confidence. This makes the step to purchase services smaller than if a company is located in a distant country. 

In addition, a Dutch registered office keeps costs low. Normally there are high costs involved if an entrepreneur wants to broaden his sales market or start his first business. However, in the case of a Dutch registered office, there is no need to rent an office or hire personnel. You do not have to invest in this until the new sales market has proven to be profitable and you will actually expand.

Where can you start your Dutch registered office address?

In basically every city in the Netherlands, there are business centers present which provide registered office address services. Among the customer of INCO Global Solutions, most of them choose for a registered address in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Breda.
Eindhoven, Utrecht, and Maastricht are also popular.
Popular business centers are Regus, whereas booking platforms like allow you to select from any business center in the Netherlands. Websites like facilitate in finding shared office desks in locations which are typically not part of a Dutch business center.

It does not matter in which city your Dutch company is registered. Even if your warehouse is based in Rotterdam, you can opt for a registered office address in Amsterdam. This does not affect your Dutch taxes, or which Chamber of Commerce will process any of your company changes.

What does ‘Dutch registered office’ mean

There is actually nothing virtual about a Dutch registered office, except you. You will receive a fully legitimate Chamber of Commerce registration address with a postal address, telephone and fax number and other related services in a country of your choice. We can arrange this for you in almost all countries. You can start with your business registration address within 48 hours.

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