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About us
INCO Global Solutions facilitates global entrepreneurship for ambitious entrepreneurs by providing a smooth
landing in the Netherlands, with focus on incorporation services and development strategies to achieve
future growth in Western Europe.


What we do
Since 2007, we have helped more than 1.000 entrepreneurs from 27 countries to set up an international business.
We assist 20-30 clients per month with incorporation of their company and supporting services in the Netherlands.
We work with and for entrepreneurs in three phases of their landing in the Netherlands:
Start-up Phase (incorporation), Support Phase (settlement) , Growth Phase (business development)
We work efficiently, professionally, and with fixed transparent fees. This means there are no hidden fees and you know
exactly what to expect.


We speak your language
Our team consists of a variety of different nationalities, that we’ve designated to various Expert Desks. This means we
speak the language of international business, we have dedicated professionals in each expertise ánd there is a big
chance we can discuss it in your own language. We speak a.o English, German, Russian, Hindi and Dutch.Thanks to
international cooperation, we have build a valuable network of accountants and financial advisers in most renowned
financial centres. We build bridges between continents by co-hosting events and investing in our relationships with innovative technology hubs.



“However far your ambitions reach, the INCO Global Solutions is at your side to help you realise them. With pioneering advice and international services, we are your gateway to Europe. We assist you in conquering new markets and we make international business enjoyable and fiscally appealing.” - Dennis Vermeulen of INCO Global Solutions


Services & pricing

Product and Service Description

Incorporation of a Dutch B.V.
The price mentioned on the previous page is the flat rate we charge for setting up your Dutch limited liability company (BV) or Foundation, including the application of registration at the Chamber of Commerce (Business License). The fee does not include the legal address of the company.

The fee includes the name check at the Chamber of Commerce, before the procedure is started. When possible the ‘Company Name’ will be reserved. For a remote formation and translation, an additional charge is applicable (starting at 750 EUR, depending on the complexity of the formation)

The standard formation fees include notary expenses (excluding extra expenses due to ‘last minute’ changes, complex legal requests, or other unusual instructions/ scenario’s), registration at the Chamber of Commerce, preparation of the Memorandum of Association and shareholders register (hard copies) and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce. In the case of updated instruction concerning the preparation of the statutory documents,ad administrative fee starting at 350 EUR can be applicable (depending on the extra work involved for the notary). Extra fees apply in case more then 2 individuals are appointed (director/shareholder) or >1 corporate shareholder is involved. The incorporation fee also includes any other ‘unavoidable fee’ (newspaper statement fees, court registration fees, etc. etc. ) with the exemption of the ‘contribution fee’ which will be charged by the Chamber of Commerce one week after the registration of the company. The Chamber of Commerce will address this invoice directly to the Company. This fee does not include the issuance of profit certificates, the preparation of a shareholders agreement, or any other intensive non-standard formation requirements.

Support in opening A Business Bank Account

Included in our Corporate Secretarial Officer (or as separated service)
INCO Global Solutions can, upon request, assist to comply with any account opening requirements of banks in The Netherlands, or if more appropriate, in another EU country. INCO is not a licensed financial intermediary, and does not offer ‘banking’ as a service. Our services are aimed to provide understanding, and assist in the completion of forms, as well as completing your KYC-records INCO Global Solutions can’t guarantee the acceptance of the bank account opening by the bank, this is completely up to the bank.

Corporate secretarial officer
This service concerns a ‘corporate secretarial’ service which includes support during the application of a European bank account, the application of the VAT number, and 4 hours of ongoing tax/legal support in the first year. This service includes support in getting a Schengen Visa (by issuing business invite letters(<3), and maximum three corporate changes, such as change of director, company name, or adding extra activity descriptions at the Chamber
of Commerce. Any third party fees, like notary fees in case of a share transfer, will be covered by the Client.
Including translation and processing of Dutch (government) mail that will be sent to your registered office address.

  • This service includes assistance to apply for a Dutch social security number (which is required to open a Dutch bank account), upto 3 directors/signatories.

  • This service does not include a legal address for the Dutch company.


You can check our Corporate Secretarial Officer Fee Schedule, for more services and fees.


Accounting Services
Depending on the Dutch company’s activities and corporate structure, INCO can quote fixed fees to deliver the relevant bookkeeping services, and file the appropriate tax returns. Our standard fee for a (VAT) administration is 125 EUR per month (ex VAT). This service includes up to 100 transactions (incoming/outgoing invoices/payments). Our Fee Schedule shows the relevant fees, for the amount of transactions that were processed. For example, each company needs to consider the fees concerning the preparation of the annual Financial Statement (>750 EUR) and the filing of the corporate income tax return (750 EUR). The other bookkeeping services are optional, and depend on your activities/structure. In case the Dutch company keeps its own books (overseas), it can share the bookkeeping with INCO, in order to prepare the Annual Report according to Dutch standards, or file the appropriate VAT or Corporate Income tax Returns. The fees of these services are mentioned in our Bookkeeping Fee Schedule.


Customer On-boarding Process
Dutch regulations require INCO to full identify it’s customers and related corporate structure.
Depending on your corporate structure (and its complexity), extra (annual) ‘due diligence’ fees might be applicable. During the on-boarding process we will require
the following documents;

  • A passport copy

  • Proof of residential address

  • Signed Ultimate Beneficial Owner(UBO)/Politically Exposed Person(PEP) Declaration

  • Completed Order Form by each stakeholder (provided by INCO)

  • Optional : Any supporting/background documents required to comply With Know Your Client(KYC) regulations.


Please note that the exact required documents can vary, and will be confirmed after a completed order form has been provided, including organizational structure. In case a corporate director/shareholder will be appointed, we need at least the following documents;

  • Certificate of Good Standing/legal opinion (or similar) which shows the appointed directors/shareholders of the company (legalized)

  • Formation Deed/Statutes to determine if the director is allowed to act solely

  • Passport copy/proof of address of the director of the corporate body

Please take our General Terms & Conditions into account.