Start your Netherlands company without leaving your house!

Starting a Dutch company has never been this easy. Entrepreneurs can now set up your Dutch company, fully online, without any visit to a notary or lawyer within 2 working days!

INCO Business group now offers online incorporation support, which enables entrepreneurs to start a Dutch BV, NV or a Foundation without leaving their house/office. Which means no legalisation is required in your home country either.

The remote formation procedure is available for individual shareholders and directors, even if they are not resident in The Netherlands.

In order to start a Dutch company, you should to consider the formation procedure below.

Phase 1: Prepare your company registration

  • Discuss your plans to register a Dutch company with our incorporation team. Our consultants can assist you to determine the corporate structure.

  • Think about a name for your company.

  • Decide who will be the shareholder(s) and what will be the amount of the share capital.

  • Arrange a registered office address in The Netherlands, although INCO can also assist you to register a BV without local address!

  • Fill out our online order form: see and upload the requested documents (documents which will confirm the identity of the individual or company shareholder).

Phase 2: The formation process of your Netherlands company

INCO will draw up and check the deed of incorporation together with a public notary (which is required by Dutch law) and arrange a full translation in English.

An online meeting will be scheduled to sign the deed of incorporation or a power of attorney will be drafted so that an employee of the notary can sign the deed in your place if you will not be able to come to the Netherlands.

Phase 3: Finalize the incorporation of the Dutch limited company

INCO will arrange the registration in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

INCO will draw up notes from the first shareholders’ meeting in which any transactions which have taken place during the formation phase will be confirmed by the company.

INCO will correspond with the Dutch tax authorities to:

  • register the company and arrange the necessary tax numbers,

  • request a so called article 23 declaration if the company will regularly import goods from outside the EU (a filing history with the Dutch tax authorities is required),

  • request a fiscal unity in case of multiple companies,

How much does it costs to start a Dutch company?

Our standard remote formation fee is 750 EUR, to identify the overseas shareholders and director, and comply with the Know Your Customer-regulations. However, during May, June , July2020, we will waive these fees, to allow entrepreneurs to easily enter the Dutch market, during the corona-crises.

We are able to provide Dutch BV formation services starting at 1.000 EUR for the full registration! Contact our Incorporation Team for more information.

We can also assist with the application of a VAT number, or branch registration of overseas companies, as well as relocation of staff and payrolling services.

Which documents are required to start the formation of your Dutch company?

To start your Dutch business, the following details and documents need to be submitted:

  • Name of the company;

  • Statutory seat/address of the company;

  • Purpose of the company;

  • Information on the incorporator(s), this information includes: full name(s), private address(es), date(s) and place(s) of birth, nationality(ies), copy(ies) of passport(s). If the incorporator is a company then its annual report as well as a recent extract from the trade register should be submitted);

  • Information on the member(s) of the board of directors (same information as mentioned above for the incorporators);

  • If applicable, information on the member(s) of the supervisory board (same information as mentioned above for the incorporators)

  • Power of attorney authorizing the directors or representative;

  • The articles of association in the Dutch language (these articles of association can be drafted together with a Dutch civil law notary).

To register a branch in The Netherlands, consider the following steps:

  • Name and address of the foreign legal entity or partnership, its legal form, details about the registration in its home country (such as the name of the register and the registering body, city and country of registration, registration number);

  • A proof of registration, not older than one month, issued by the foreign registering body;

  • In the case of a foreign legal entity, a copy of the articles of incorporation and articles of association (if these last are a separate act). These documents must be original or certified copies. All these documents should be in Dutch, English, French or German or have been translated into any of these languages;

  • The identities and addresses of its directors and the identity of the branch manager, empowered to legally bind the company, as well as certified copies of the passports of all aforementioned persons;

  • The office address of the branch in the Netherlands, which is to be considered its legal domicile;

  • The trade name and a description of the business.

  • For expatriate employees: Certificate from the foreign employer explicitly stating expatriation and the effective date of expatriation; E101/102 forms (only for EU countries).

For more information check our Business Toolkit and more details description of the formation timeline.



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