Remote setup of Dutch company possible without legalisation!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Great news for global entrepreneurs, who like to start a Dutch business!

Due to the restricted options to visit notaries and lawyers to obtain legislations for official documents, we have agreed with our Dutch notaries, that we can set up Dutch companies remotely via online verification!

Know your Customer procedures innovated

The main issue for our customers was that overseas directors and shareholders must be identified and that the Dutch notary must be 100% certain that they signed the statutory documents for the Dutch company.

INCO has developed an online tool, that will allow remote formation, in combination with an online conference call with the notary in The Netherlands.

The tool provides instant validation of facial biometrics between ID document and a photo or selfie captured on a smartphone, tablet, or webcam, and it recognizes passport data to verify the authenticity. Aside from the identification of the customer, the tool also performs sanction and PEP checks on each individual involved in the formation.

Notaries have confirmed that they will accept this new method, and it is to be considered as safe as physical identification.

Online verification in the future & other EU countries

A new EU directive has come into force in 2019, which has to be implemented within two years. The directive obliges the member states to make the establishment of BVs 100% online possible, as well as maintenance of the BV (such as changes of director or shareholder). Obviously, this EU directive will be applicable to all EU countries.