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INCO Global Solutions provides incorporation services in The Netherlands.We offer SMEs and Multinationals a dedicated Incorporation Team to access the Netherlands market at fixed fees and low budgets. 

Our aim is to guide your company towards its first major milestone in order to get fully independent. Typically this involves the appointment of a local Country manager or opening a physical location such as a warehouse or (sales) office.


Our clients have different types of business, different backgrounds, different goals and even different budgets. But they all have one thing in common; they want to do business in the Netherlands. And we help them accomplish that! 

We have divided our Solutions into six main categories

invest in Holland

Our Incorporation Officers can help you decide on the right type of legal entity, and provide basic tax and legal support without any extra charge, to start your Dutch business.


Once the company has been incorporated, you can visit a Dutch bank to open a corporate bank account, and apply for your Tax ID’s. INCO can assist you, and you can expect a valid VAT number within 2 weeks!

vat Netherlands

Planning to start (or takeover) a Dutch company, but not certain about the tax consequences?


Our Dutch Tax & Accounting team helps businesses of any size in the Netherlands, to deal with administrative requirements, and to structure their company. 

BV Netherlands

Starting a business in the Netherlands can be difficult because you will have to deal with potential customers, suppliers or staff which operate in a legal system that you are not familiar with.


Similarly, it might be difficult for you to structure your business, because you are not familiar with Dutch company law.

bv Business

There can be several reasons why you have decided to start a Dutch company. 

In most cases, the success of your company depends on how it grows its turnover and profits.


Whatever your reason is to start a company in the Netherlands, INCO can help you capitalize your Dutch company, and develop your business.

Expat services

Are you a Dutch expat, or are you planning to relocate to the Netherlands as an expat?

Our Incorporation Team can assist you to start a company and get all your residency affairs in order.

INCO Global Solutions has a long history with SME’s and expats, assisting entrepreneurs to relocate since 2007.


Did you know that Dutch companies are not legally required to appoint a local director in the Netherlands? This is good news for entrepreneurs planning to expand to the Netherlands while acting as ‘local’ directors themselves. 


However, being appointed as a director also results in important (corporate) responsibilities, and therefore also potential liabilities. Read More...

Dutch bv

Each company is different, and unique in its own ways. In fact, your own business looks different every year, and the way you expand your business to a

new country, such as the Netherlands, will also depend on the goals that you have set to achieve in the Netherlands. You might be planning to expand your business and increase sales. Or aiming to relocate your sales activities, or to protect your assets in a safe Dutch bank.

Inco Business GroupToolkit



Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive the many business-related topics.

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Tax & Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!