Please complete this form to start the formation process of your Dutch BV. This form can be completed by the Founder of the new company, or it's representative. Once we have received the form, we will issue the invoice for our services, and start the customer on boarding procedure. For the full timeline of the formation process click here

Feel free to use the Chat tool on this page, in case you have any questions. 


Please describe in short what your company activities will be like. This document is for internal use only and is confidential between INCO and you, so please fill in as complete as possible. This way, we can always provide you with the best advice!

Sample Netherlands BV is involved in trading, distributing, repackaging and import/export of fruits from the Netherlands. Also, supplying warehousing for partner companies.


The minimum share capital for a Dutch BV is €0.01. In general, we recommend a share capital of €100 per shareholder. For example, Sample Netherlands BV has 2 shareholders. We would recommend a share capital of €200. Here you can read more about share capital


(BV min = € 0.01 not relevant for formation. Standard share capital 100 EUR)


(Each director will complete an individual personal data statement) Will a (overseas) legal entity be appointed as Director/Shareholder?


Is another company (partially) Director and/or Shareholder? Please tick the box “yes” if this is the case.
Are all Directors/Shareholders natural persons? Please tick the box “no” if this is the case

 Corporate bodies need to be fully identified by the Dutch notary. Therefore companies with noncorporate shareholders are easier/quicker to start and will simplify the process of getting a bank account. It is possible to transfer shares at a later stage to a corporate body. Extra fees can be applicable in the case of (multiple) corporate bodies.


Is there any connection between the newly formed company and any existing companies that you or somebody else owns?  Even if the company will not be connected by ownership, please mention any company you currently already are involved with.


If you are planning to use INCO's Bookkeeping Service, then we will need to communicate with the Tax Authorities on your behalf, and thus need to represent you. Please tick “Yes” if this is the case.
Will you not use our Bookkeeping Service, and you are handling your letters from the Tax Authorities in a different manner? Please tick “No”.

Will INCO act as the Tax Representative of the company? If not, please describe who will deal with your tax affairs.


If you choose the Company Formation Package, this is part of your package, and you can tick the “Yes” box.
If you have a custom package, without the Company Officer service, please tick the “No” box.


1. Do you wish to use INCO’s Company Officer service?

     (€1500 for the first year with a cancellation notice of 2 months)


Please inform us if you need a Dutch VAT number immediately after formation. This is only important if you expect to start doing business in the Netherlands right away. You can always apply for a VAT number at a later stage. It may take 2-6 weeks to obtain a VAT number. Non-resident companies can apply for the non-resident VAT number, read more here.

2. Is a VAT number required after formation?

     (Is included within the company officer services)


3. Formation Takes place during visit in NL?

     (If not, extra fees can apply)


Please inform us if any of the directors and/or shareholders are appointed as a ‘nominee’, and as such, act on behalf of another person (the Ultimate Beneficial Owner).    Please also check ‘Yes’ in case any of the current shareholders own shares on behalf of the/another Beneficial Owner.

Please inform us if you are planning to visit the Netherlands in order to complete the formation process. If you choose not to visit the Netherlands, we can offer you a Remote Formation at an additional cost. Please don't schedule your visit to The Netherlands without consulting your Company Officer. We need some time to confirm the appropriate meetings with the notary, bank, etc.  Read more about the Company Formation Timeline

4. Is any director/shareholder acting on behalf of another person/policy maker?


It would be of great help if you could provide a visual overview of the corporate structure of the organization. It should list the names of the companies/shareholders/directors involved, and preferably also the share percentages.

5. In case of a corporate body involved; can you share a visual organisational structure?


When you start your company, it is possible that the first book year of your administration will not end in December. Since many companies want to close the book year in December, we can arrange an extended book year for the first year of the administration.

6. Will you need an extended first book year for the company?

     (This means bookyear will end 31-12 next year)



Please complete your details below. If you represent a company, and INCO should address it’s invoice to that company, please mention the full details (in case of a EU company, please also mention the VAT number).

It’s possible to appoint the new ‘to be incorporated ’ Dutch company as contracting party. In that case please mention the expected address is possible.

Main Contact Person for INCO


Telephone number
(For registration at the copmanies Registry and confirmation call to the notary)

Please confirm the following statements

I have consulted INCO for tax/legal advice.

I am interested in a                                                              by INCO

I have received the following documents from INCO for my reference:

• INCO’s Personalized

The Client agrees to the following:

1. I (the client) hereby appoint INCO Global Solutions as formation agent to set up (or manage) a company, as instructed in the Order Form (corporate structure and corporate details), or specific instructions shared by the Client to INCO Global Solutions. The details of the company to be registered (or managed), are mentioned in the Orderform.

2. All relations between the Client and INCO Global Solutions are governed by the GTC. The GTC apply to all agreements, contracts and other (legal) obligations between the Client and any Affiliate of INCO Global Solutions, including but not limited to parent companies, subsidiaries, contractors or third party service providers who provide services to the Client, based on an agreement with Inco Global Solutions. Deviations or exceptions to the GTC and/or the Product Conditions are only valid if agreed explicitly in writing by the board of INCO.

3. I (the client) authorize INCO Global Solutions B.V. (hereafter “INCO”), with Chamber of Commerce number 64494667 and registered office at Laanzichtweg 60, 4847SJ Teteringen (the Netherlands) to share my personal data and documents with each director and employee of a notary selected by INCO (hereafter “Notary”), for arranging the formation of the Company on their behalf;

4. I (the client) authorize the Notary to send the (draft) corporate documents to INCO by email and to post the original documents to INCO’s office Laanzichtweg 60, 4847SJ Teteringen (the Netherlands) on my behalf;

Note: The above authorizations can be withdrawn at any time with a signed letter sent to the email account


As part of our customer onboarding procedure, we are legally required to identify every director and shareholder (>25%) involved. Please upload a passport copy, and a proof of residential address (utility bill, or bank statement) for every involved person. These documents can also be provided at a later stage(no legalisations are required at this stage):

Upload your PNG/JPG files here (if relevant)

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Upload your PDF files here (if relevant)

Upload File
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Additional files can also be emailed to

Thanks for submitting!

order form | Company Formation BV

Formation Request

Please fill in the company name you would like to register. Please ensure that the name is unique; no company name is allowed to be the same, within the same industry. We are not able to reserve any company names, only to check them for availability. 

Sample BV -> is taken

Sample Industries BV -> Taken
Sample Construction BV -> Available

Sample Netherlands BV -> Available

We will check the company names for you, but please fill in two options that would work for you.

Please list the number of directors for the company and include their names. Keep in mind that in order to start the incorporation process, we will need:

  • A copy of the Passport from every director

  • Proof of Residence from every director

The Company Formation Package covers up to three (3) (individual) directors (or 1 corporate body).

Please fill in the number of shareholders for the company and include their names.  Keep in mind that in order to start the incorporation process, we will need:

  • A copy of the Passport from every shareholder

  • Proof of Residence from every shareholder

The Company Formation Package covers up to three (3) (individual) shareholders (or 1 corporate body).

When we visit the Chamber of Commerce to register the company, we also need to show a rental agreement of your company's Dutch address.  Due to recent law changes, Dutch Incorporation Agents are no longer allowed to provide this service in-house, or even assist in getting the rental agreement. We can, however, refer you to one of the following companies: Flexado, CIC, B. Amsterdam, Regus or WeWork

The deadline for supplying the address is prior to the actual incorporation at the notary.