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Financial Company in the Netherlands 

Open a Financial Company in the Netherlands

Are you ready to start a financial business in the Netherlands and take advantage of the many opportunities that the Dutch financial business sector presents?

The Dutch financial business climate is extremely stable and has been making a swift recovery since the financial crisis of 2008. The financial market in the Netherlands is also centrally located within the EU, making it the perfect place to start a Dutch business that can serve not only the Netherlands but also the rest of Europe.


What’s more the Dutch government’s modern legislation and generous tax system makes it an extremely attractive environment for investors. Start a Dutch business in the financial sector today and reap the rewards of the country’s favourable financial environment.

Opportunities for starting a financial business in the Netherlands include:

  • Pensions and relates services

  • The financing of sustainable projects

  • Insurance providers

  • Financial brokering

  • Asset and investment fund management

INCO’s consultants are experts in business development in the Netherlands and they can help you to start a Dutch business to take advantage of these opportunities. Call one of our consultants now!

The financial landscape in the Netherlands

The Dutch financial sector is one of the most important financial markets in Europe and is therefore influenced by changes beyond the country’s borders, such as the looming Brexit. This, along with the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the market to slow down, but the Dutch financial sector is very resilient and is likely to bounce back quickly.


In the Netherlands, financial companies like banks, investment firms and others are governed by the Financial Supervision Act, as well as relevant EU directives.


All financial businesses in the Netherlands require special licenses to do business. These are issued by the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), and the National Dutch Bank (DNB) for banks.


We are experts in Dutch company formation and finance business regulations in the Netherlands and the European Union. We can offer you great advice about setting up a financial business in the Netherlands. Call us now!

How do I set up a financial company in the Netherlands

  • The first thing you have to do when starting a Dutch business is to register a Dutch company with the Dutch Trade Register, which must include the mandatory NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) number. For financial businesses, the numbers are as follows (depending on the type of operation):
    Section K; Division 64 - 66; Group 64.1 - 64.9, 65.1 - 65.3, 66.1 - 66.3; Class 64.11 - 64.99, 65.11 - 65.30, 66.11 - 66.30.

  • Once you have registered your Dutch financial business, you have to submit an application, along with a business plan, to the AFM or DNB, depending on the business.

  • When the AFM or DNB have approved your business plan, you need to submit the following documents:

    • Application for a license for the specific financial activity you would like to do business in.

    • Application for authorization to do business in the Netherlands.

    • Where applicable, an application for authorization to act as a payment institution.

    • Declaration of No Objection.

Different types of financial businesses require different and various application forms, depending on the type of company registered. Our company formation agents know the process inside-out and know exactly which forms to submit and to whom. Call us now to discuss how we can help you to navigate this the easy way.


Why choose INCO to help you to start a financial business in the Netherlands?

  • INCO has helped numerous people to set up a financial business in the Netherlands.

  • Our agents have a lot of experience with the process of incorporating a company, including starting a Dutch BV, and they know the formalities of starting a finance business in the Netherlands.

  • We can connect you to the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies and provide you with business development services.

  • We can help you to draw up an effective business plan to submit to the AFM or DNB so you can start a Dutch company and start operating as soon as possible.

  • INCO can help you to secure funding for your financial business.

  • Because INCO is a Dutch company, we know the Dutch financial market well and can guide you to set up a business, such as a Dutch BV in the Netherlands swiftly and easily. This makes us the best local business partner for your business in the Netherlands.

  • When you start a business in the Netherlands, you are going to need skilled employees. We can connect you to top recruitment agencies to ensure that you get the best talent for your business.

We are the business partners you have been dreaming off. Call now!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I require a license to operate a financial business in the Netherlands?


Why is The Netherlands such a good place to start a financial business?

  • Internationally connected Banking Industry.

  • A moderately competitive market that allows small to medium businesses to thrive.

  • The Dutch Financial sector is logistically favourably positioned to service the entire EU.

  • Well educated population with high participation in the financial sector

  • Closely monitored by the Dutch government to ensure the financial market stays fair and stable.

  • Attractive tax rates that draw a lot of investors to the Dutch financial markets

  • The Netherlands has a very stable and resilient business environment

How long does it take to start a financial company in the Netherlands?

Starting a Dutch company usually takes between 2-5 days, but since you require a license to run a financial company in the Netherlands, it may take a bit longer. Call us to find out more.

Can I start a financial business in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch or EU citizen?

Yes. The Dutch government allows foreigners to start a Dutch company or bring their existing business from abroad. However, certain legal conditions apply. 

Are you excited about starting a financial business in the Netherlands, but you are unsure whether the market is the right one? Or if you are considering other EU countries like France or Belgium, feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our Dutch business development agents to discuss why the financial sector in the Netherlands is the perfect place to start a Dutch company.


We can help you determine your business proposition, as well as the services you aim to provide and give input and expert guidance on how to present this to the Dutch market.


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This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Tax & Accounting and our corporate services. 

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