Open a Website in the Netherlands 

Open a Website in the Netherlands / Opening an online shop in The Netherlands

Online shopping is becoming more commonplace every day as more and more people look to the web to purchase goods and services. Regardless of whether you sell products online or not, having an online presence is critical for any successful business. 


With its highly connected and tech-savvy consumer market, and favourable government regulations that support online business development in The Netherlands, the country is the perfect place to host and manage your online shop or online presence.

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Steps to start service, or operate in Industry

Starting a business in The Netherlands for e-commerce is fairly simple, with certain steps to take and regulations to adhere to:

  • To open an online business in The Netherlands, you first have to register a company with the Dutch Trade Register, including the mandatory NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) number. For an online businesses, the number is as follows:
    Section D; Division 47; Group 47.9; Class 47.91.

  • Once registered you need to choose, purchase and register a .nl domain name with the SIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinnaamregistratie Nederland). There are certain technical and legal requirements for .nl domain names.

  • Design, publish and open an online business.

  • Once the site is up and running, the owner of the site has to ensure it adheres to certain Dutch laws and regulations that pertain specifically to online businesses.

Why the Netherlands with this service


There are many reasons why The Netherlands is a great place to start an online business:

  • The .nl domain extension is the third most popular domain in Europe

  • The Netherlands has a reputation for its cutting-edge startup scene and is considered Europe’s Silicon Valley.

  • With its 17 million tech-savvy residents, The Netherlands is the perfect place to test online concepts.

  • The relatively small size and central location of the country make it perfect for worldwide shipping (sportswear brands Nike & Adidas both use The Netherlands as their worldwide distribution hubs).

  • The Dutch government has extensive intellectual property protection laws.

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