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The Dutch Health & Life science industry

The Netherlands has one of the most accessible health regulations in the world. The government making insurance mandatory for everyone active in The Netherlands - as is the case in many European countries -  but also offering another layer of simplicity. But what makes The Netherlands the single best hub for Medicinal and Health & Science companies?

Geographical Superiority

A generally appreciated perk is the well-organised infrastructure, developed ports like in Rotterdam and Airfields such as Schiphol (Amsterdam) that increase the ease of doing international business that in turn opens up many avenues for further expansion. In just a couple of hours by either ship or plane, your products reach beyond just the Dutch population of 17 million to a staggering 300 million.

Focused on Innovation

Yearly the Life Sciences industry invests approximately 2 Billion Euros on R&D, which is why it is so well developed. Furthermore, due to competitive taxing and (government) incentives on further R&D development, the industry focuses on development and innovation. Collaborating with other instances is very important in order to achieve sizable success, which is made easy as over 375 innovative life science companies are located within a 150-kilometer area.

The Netherlands is an excellent gateway

With approximately 375 innovative life science companies combed within a 150-kilometer radius, The Netherlands is the most geographically concentrated region in the world when it comes to creating economic and social value in Life Sciences and Health industry. With government incentives and an excellently educated workforce, located within the EU, the Netherlands should be a serious consideration for all Life Science companies or entrepreneurs looking towards forming a business in the Netherlands.


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