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Cooperation Leads to 10 to 20 New Companies

The first steps have been taken to create an exclusive collaboration between two connecting markets on two different continents. INCO Global Solutions and SK Patodia have established their collaboration with the primary focus to ease the international business relations between India and the Netherlands within fields of experts. Namely, the incorporation and accounting industry.

“This air bridge creates a natural synergy between SK Patodia and INCO Global Solutions and improves international diplomatic relationships.“ thus, Dennis Vermeulen - CEO of INCO Global Solutions.

Reinforce Expertise

INCO Global Solutions is known as an incorporation agent in the Netherlands, which has already facilitated over 1000 company formation for foreign entrepreneurs. SK Patodia & Associates is a leading Indian Chartered Accountancy Company that provides a range of specially designed and multidisciplinary expert services. One of the big advantages of this cooperation that these two parties can strengthen each other by sharing their knowledge about different sectors, markets, cultural differences and national regulations.

“Enabling Global Entrepreneurship”

With this slogan, INCO Global Solutions positions itself as a spider in the web for ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide. Particularly, in this case, to give Indian entrepreneurs the possibility to set the business in the Netherlands, or by giving Dutch entrepreneurs that are located in India the opportunity to work with a renowned partner in accounting.


"With India's economic growth being the silver lining with potential to uplift the global economy from the chaos of subdued economic environment, there is a rising interest to foray into the Indian market with the improvement in the index of ease of doing business coupled with certain progressive government initiatives." - Sharwan Agarwal, Partner of SK Patodia & Associates.

Trade Missions

INCO and SK Patodia both see the importance of international trade and therefore invest in participating and facilitating international trade missions.

"The recent Trade Mission to India, hosted by the Dutch government, resulted in interesting partnerships and provided us with a great insight of the potential of the Indian market. Vice versa we were able to promote the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe", explained Dennis Vermeulen.


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