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How to recruit employees in the Netherlands

When you are starting a company in the Netherlands, you might also be interesting to recruit local Dutch employees. (another option is to relocate staff, you can find more information about this in our Business Toolkit)

Recruiting staff can be difficult. The European labour laws are complex, and recruitment companies charge high fees to recruit staff.
INCO can solve this for you and will help you to easily recruit a staff member, without high fees, and without the interference of a recruitment company. In case you do wish to work with a recruitment company, who will also payroll the staff on your behalf, we can also assist you in this.

Our services include

  • Preparing the Employee profile

  • Getting at least 10-20 relevant job applications

  • Discussing the (most applicable) employment conditions

  • Be involved in the intake process and hiring of the employee (legal fees are applicable to draft the employment agreement)

The fees for this service are 1 month of (gross) salary, so it will depend on the employee’s profile. Special circumstances might be applicable, and in the case of our Business Development Package, this service can be included.

Of course, we can also make sure that your company gets the payroll number, and the monthly formalities will be met (wage tax filing, salary slip preparation, etc.). These services are charged at a maximum of 450 EUR per year. (lower fees apply in combination with other services, such as the drafting of the employment agreement)

Temporary or permanent staff?

Once you have decided to recruit staff, it’s important to consider if you are planning on hiring temporary staff (which can also be done via an agency) or permanent staff. Most of the regulations concerning hiring staff apply to both permanent and temporary staff, but there are some differences to be considered. Read more about the labour regulations on recruiting Dutch staff members in our Business Toolkit.

Dutch recruitment agencies which are typically used for temporary staff  

  • Projob. Projob is all about recruitment, freelancing, payrolling, career coaching and training. ...

  • Adams Multilingual Recruitment.

  • Octagon Professionals.

  • Madison Parker.

  • Abroad Experience.

  • Randstad Multilingual Recruitment

  • Blue Lynx.

INCO Business Toolkit



Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit. 

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive into the topics displayed below. 

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!