How to find potential customers in The Netherlands

How to reach the dutch

Are you planning to start a company in the Netherlands and you are looking for Dutch customers? In case you already have a strategy in mind, INCO can help you to determine the best corporate structure, and we can assist you to establish the Dutch company

You might want to start with a virtual office or a branch registration. In case your business is more evolved, then you might consider the formation of the Dutch Private Limited. You can contact our team about your plans, so we can help you to decide. You will also find information here, on how to start a business in The Netherlands.

The Process
INCO can help you to find the best strategy to start your company in the Netherlands and find new customers. 

Before we decide on the strategy to find new customers, we will discuss your business activities and your goals. In many cases, it’s decided to draft a business plan first. Together with our Business Development specialists, we will discuss your target audience and the services that you like to offer. 

Customers come to us to open up specific export markets, need our help in improving their international sales or assistance in localizing their products for specific international markets. Our business developers support our customers every step of the way. Between brainstorming, defining the market-entry strategy, and making pricing models we make sure that their products can be positioned. We also design the best sales-channels and supply-chains to optimize pricing, delivery of products, and improving the time-to-market. We have on the ground presence to develop new markets from lead generation to making the sales-call.

Our business development team guarantees on the ground presence and local market knowledge which can help our customers to activate new leads, meet local requirements, guaranteeing quick-sales response, and overseeing the close of sales orders.

You can read more about this service on our Business Development page.

INCO Business Toolkit



Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit. 

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive into the topics displayed below. 

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!