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Dutch International trade industry

The Netherlands is without a doubt a country that thrives when it comes to International Business. As the worlds 5th largest exporter overall, the second-largest agriculture exporter with 70% of its total gross national product coming from export, this small nation is widely known for being connected to the rest of the world.

Not only does the Netherlands export much, but The Netherlands is also a major Importer of goods that accounts for $485 billion in 2017. This ranks The Netherlands as the 8th largest importer of the world.

Trading partners

The Netherlands borders against Belgium and Germany which are also one of the biggest import and export partners. Generally speaking, The Netherlands main business dealings occur within Europe for its free trade regulation. The largest trade partners outside of Europe are; United States(5th) and China (10), that together account for about 5% of the Netherlands export and import total.

Professional demand/aid

The Netherlands is not only exporting products. The Dutch are widely known for their creative approach, high education and expertise in their respective trades and are especially wanted in developing countries. When there are food supply, security, water supply, flood control and climate change challenges, the partner to look to is most likely the Netherlands.

All in all, the Netherlands is clearly a staple when it comes to international trade. It is the largest driving factor in the country and has been the number 1 pick for many international countries to work from due to its geographic location, highly educated workforce, favourable tax system and stimulating government. Being part of the European Union also further bolsters its position, being able to bypass export tariffs and keep logistical costs fairly low.

The Netherlands is an excellent country to expand towards export companies and offers a fantastic gateway into the European Market. 


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