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Starting a business in the Netherlands as a Import-Export Company

You might have already read our article on how to start a business in the Netherlands.

In this article, we like to focus on the most important considerations, when starting a business in The Netherlands as an import-export company.

Deciding on the best corporate structure

Starting an import-export or trading company in The Netherlands could mean that you simply need to have a local presence to deal with your customers or suppliers. You might not be looking to set up a fully-fledged operation. Therefore a ‘branch registration’ might be the most efficient option for you to start a Dutch trading company, that will be involved in import and export.


Finding the correct housing solutions in The Netherlands can be important for your business. Especially if you are involved in the trade of products. The Netherlands has a long history as logistics-hub, and as such, you can find thousands of professional logistic service providers in The Netherlands.

Finding a warehouse in The Netherlands is relatively easy, due to national online platforms (such as, and the assistance of government agencies and realtors. INCO Global Solutions can connect you to the right realtor or government agency with the right expertise. 

The Netherlands is a highly innovative country, and this is also visible at our logistics companies. Fully automated fulfillment services and professional tracking systems will allow you to run your business smoothly, and ensure that your customers will receive your products. 

Your dedicated company officer at INCO can help you to find a good solution, and can also negotiate with the owner/landlord, and deal with the (legal) formalities of renting a warehouse in The Netherlands (or dealing with a logistics partner). In case your company is still in the startup phase, we can discuss the possibilities of handling your packages and shipments from INCO’s office in Breda. INCO handles logistics affairs over several European companies in The Netherlands.

Checklist for starting a business as an import-export company

  1. Select the legal Entity.

  2. Consider the formation requirements & timeline.

  3. Decide on a trade Name.

  4. Consider the costs of registration.

  5. Get a full understanding of the legal and administrative requirements.

  6. Formation of the Company and registration at the Chamber of Commerce.

  7. Apply for Tax ID’s 

The application of Tax ID’s, and arranging your logistical affairs are typically very important for an import-export company. 


As a trading company, you are not required to start moving our operations to The Netherlands from Day 1. It’s also possible to start with (re-)invoicing services, and start building a Dutch reputation/brand, while you are getting familiar with the market.

Inco Business GroupToolkit



Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive the many business-related topics.

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Tax & Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!