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Connected Banking Industry

The Netherlands characterizes itself for the connection it has to the rest of the world. Since the Economic crisis in 2008, the Dutch economy has been swiftly recovering due to its large international roots. While this is a good thing, the Dutch finance sector is also influenced by changes outside of its borders such as the impending Brexit. This has caused the Dutch Banking sector to slow down with an expected pique of a 1,5% growth rate. 

Even though the growth temporarily slows down, the Dutch government does expect continued growth over the next 3 years largely due to an increase in National spending and a favorable housing market.

Competitive Market

The Dutch banking sector is moderately competitive. Large firms are internationally active in as to accommodate for the export-orientated Dutch Economy. Due to this, the 5 largest Dutch banks account for 87% of the balance sheet total. The 5 largest banking firms account for approximately 87% of the balance sheet total.

Additional notes from the Dutch Government

The Dutch Finance sector is closely monitored by the Dutch government that publishes up-to-date reports about the industry. They differentiate the following topics.

The Dutch Financial sector is favorably positioned.
Due to its geographical location is is a desirable location for major financial institutions. Also, The Netherlands' modern legislation and the taxing system is attractively combined with a stable business climate.
The country's professional population is well-educated, highly trained and internationally orientated, which makes operating from the Netherlands to the outside easier and efficient.

While the Dutch Finance market is largely run by the 5 largest banking firms, the Dutch government still recognizes opportunities in the following categories.
- Pensions and relates services

- The financing of sustainable projects
- Payment law
- Securities law.


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