Dutch Directorship Services 

We want your new Dutch company to enter the Dutch market smoothly by providing you with all the things you need to make sure you're compliant with tax regulations in the Netherlands. We can facilitate your company to obtain a full range of domiciliation and management services, with the help of our regulated trust office partners. 

Dutch trust services providers, focus on the following support:

  • Registered office services

  • Directorship services in the Netherlands and (Power of) Attorney’s

  • Corporate secretary services

  • Recruitment services


The above-mentioned services are typically regulated by the Dutch Central Bank. Therefore, INCO only works with professional services providers, with the appropriate license to perform these services.

Director Service

INCO provides you with a team of motivated and skilled professionals and extensive network to support your corporate entities, funds, and private individual structures, with the help of our extensive network Depending on your needs, we take care of day-to-day administration duties including shareholders and board meetings, bank transfers and so on. We can inform you on the possibility of appointing a Dutch director, and the legal consequences of appointing a Dutch director. We can connect you with regulated (WTT, Dutch Central Bank) directors, which can provide Dutch directorship services. 


Do you need a registered address in the Netherlands? Do you need your communications processed? We can suggest furnished and fully equipped office spaceand assist in separate telephone lines and other necessary communications in the name of your company If required, we take care of every aspect concerning personnel and office equipment. But we also offer additional services to help you conduct business efficiently, from secretarial support and IT services to the provision of experienced employees. How may we help you? INCO does not provide domicliation services, such as a registered office address in the Netherlands. However, we can inform you on the domiciliation requirements, and put you in contact with regulated service providers that can provide domiciliation services in the Netherlands. 


Dutch trust offices provide fixed fees where possible, however the exact fees depend on the exact corporate structure (complexity, etc.) and the type of activities. The more operational the company, the bigger involvement of the Director is required.


A typical fee structure for Dutch directorship services looks like this:

Director Fee                                  3500 EUR per annum

Domiciliation Fee                          1200 EUR per annum

Compliance/Onboarding Fee        1000 EUR per annum 

Variable Director fees apply, based on the type of involvement that is required, for example;


  • Monitoring Bank Statements

  • Approval of Financial Statements

  • Signing of contracts

  • Approval of Corporate Tax Return

  • Hosting a Board meeting/AGM

  • Assistance in filing Financial Report at Chamber of Commerce

  • General correspondence services

  • Etc. etc. 


Depending on your situation, we can also provide you a fixed fee for the variable services as mentioned above.


Any legal advice will be provided at 195 - 295 EUR per hour, depending on the required type of seniority of consultant, when required. 


Finally,  you will need to keep the hourly rate of  125 -175 EUR in mind for corporate & management support. These fees apply to any supporting Director Services regarding the signing /approval of documents/contracts that need to be signed by the director. The Director will have to have a clear understanding of each transaction/contract the company is involved in.


Requirements for client’s acceptance

During the Client Acceptance Procedure, we need to have a proper understanding of the corporate structure, the type (and amount) of activities (who are the clients/suppliers and where do they come from), and the amount (and size) of incoming and outgoing transactions.

The Business Plan template might help you provide all the information we need, to provide a proper quote, so you don't have to expect any unexpected fees afterwards.


Based on the Supervision of Trust Offices in the Netherlands, INCO is obliged to work with regulated partners. These partners are required to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owners. Consequently, INCO is required to obtain and investigate the correctness of the source of funds and source of wealth of each UBO. 


Dutch trust offices that provide directorship services are consequently required to obtain, the following information that includes but is not limited to:


  • The motives for the contemplated structure (e.g. copy of relevant tax/market entry advice)

  • Passport copies (legalized, and translated if necessary)

  • Residential proof of address (not older than 60 days)

  • Overview of the group structure and documents substantiating the shareholdings. 


We are keen on finalising the compliance requirements in close cooperation with all relevant parties. Dutch trust offices will start rendering services and perform any activities upon full completion and acceptance by their compliance department.

More information about Dutch Directorship Services 

In this guide we have tried to give a non-legal and simplified overview of Dutch Tax and Accounting applications in the Netherlands. There are many specific requirements and regulations that we have not covered and we encourage you to look at the many articles that we have published in our Business Toolkit.