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The Dutch Consultancy Industry

While consultancy firms can be formed in a large variety of industries, we decided to bundle them all together for there is a trend that is evident in every single one of them.

This is that in each industry the consultancy firms are seeing large single-digit growth rates and in some cases double-digit growth rates. This is in large part because The Netherlands is quickly recovering from the financial crisis of 2008 that has increased the spending of the Dutch and consequently raised the demand for consultancy. 

Industry Forecast

While spending rises, so do the expectations. Clients expect more constructive advice for less. The Rabobank advises that formulating a different monetization system would differentiate firms more effectively from one another. While market leaders will profit the most from this continued growth due to larger brand awareness, the new or smaller firms will find enough space in this growth to develop.

Important in this industry

A professional stance is appreciated by the Dutch population. Sustainability is more important than ever before. Think about ''green'' offices or electric company cars.
Also, with sharpened legislation, the Industry association may opt to test consultancy forms on three aspects: Quality, integrity and ethics. If satisfied, the consultancy in question will receive a mark of quality that will offer a competitive advantage.

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