Creating a Publishing Business 

in the Netherlands 

Creating a Publishing Business in the Netherlands

Despite a global decline in the consumption of printed media, Dutch print media remains healthy, with an estimated 3.5 million people in the Netherlands reading daily newspapers. This is slightly more than the 3.2 million people who read newspapers online and, together with liberal press freedom legislation, shows that print media in the Netherlands continues to be a sound investment.


How to start a Publishing Business in The Netherlands

The first step in starting a business in the Netherlands is to register a company with the Dutch Trade Register. When registering your company, it is mandatory to include your NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) — the latest codes for publishing companies are as follows:

Section J; Division 58; Group 58.1; Class 58.11 - 58.14, 58.19

Section G; Division 47; Group 47.6; Class 47.61 - 47.62

You don’t need a special license to publish any media in The Netherlands.

Why start a publishing business in the Netherlands?


There are a number of reasons why The Netherlands is the perfect place to start a Publishing Business::

Freedom of the Press

The Dutch government encourages and places a great emphasis on the freedom of the press as part of maintaining a democratic society. This is done through comprehensive governmental policies, which includes support for journalists and a free internet. 


Privately owned

All print publishing businesses are privately owned/commercial, with no interference from the Dutch government. This means there is no government interference with publishing activities.

Strong market

The market for print and online media is particularly strong in the Netherlands with consumption of print and online media almost equal. Publications are often connected to certain ‘pillars’ or niches, allowing publishers with opportunities to target specific markets.

Relaxed regulations

The Dutch Media Act regulates all media activities in the Netherlands, however, the Act is very liberal and non-restrictive, meaning the publishers can largely publish what they want.

Government Support

The Journalism Promotion Fund was set up by the Dutch government to promote high-quality journalism through funding and support of various publishing projects.

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