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The cost of renting office space in The Netherlands

If you are thinking of relocating your business, or opening offices, in The Netherlands, renting office space is one of the most important financial considerations. But working out how much renting a space will cost isn’t quite as straightforward, since there are three different types of rental prices in The Netherlands:

  • Rental price per square meter per year 

  • Rental price per workstation per month 

  • Rental price per office unit


For rent per square meter per year, the average price is approximately €132/m², however, prices can vary significantly, and can range from as low as €35/m² to as high as €450/m² per year. 


Workstation rental prices can also vary quite a lot. A single workstation can go from as low as €150 per month to around €1,000 per month for the most expensive workstation, in the Zuidas neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

Average rental price of office space in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda

In Amsterdam, there is a big shortage of office space, and as a result, rental prices are higher than in other cities in The Netherlands. If you want to rent office space in Amsterdam, you can expect to pay anything from €150/m² to €450/m² per year. The most expensive office space is in Zuidas, Amsterdam’s financial district.


As far as other Dutch cities go, Rotterdam is slightly cheaper, with office space ranging between €150/m² in the city centre to €115/m² outside the main CBD.


In the city of Breda in the south, rental prices are more affordable. The average rental rate for office space is around €110/m² and can be even lower in less popular areas.


NOTE: Regardless of where you choose to rent office space, all office rentals in The Netherlands are subject to service charges, which should be taken into account when budgeting for office space rentals.

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