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Company Incorporation services in Rotterdam

Almost half of the entrepreneurs that INCO deals with, consider start a company in Rotterdam because they already do business in one way or another with Rotterdam. 

In this article, we describe why Rotterdam is interesting as an entrepreneurial climate, and how to start a business in the Netherlands, or more specific, in Rotterdam!


Rotterdam is a (for Dutch standard) large metropolis that continues to innovate itself at a rapid pace.
The ‘Rotterdammers’ are well known for their can-do mentality. Rotterdam is a city with a distinct character, energetic, and always on the move. Rotterdam has a unique urban vibe. The city is tough, lively, and diverse, with more than 170 nationalities living next to and together.

Rotterdam is a very popular city in The Netherlands, among the global entrepreneurs we deal with. INCO has been based in Rotterdam since 2018, when we established an office in the Cambridge Innovation Center, after a successful event in partnership with the Venture Cafe, also based at CIC. Since then, INCO has guided several trade missions in Rotterdam and facilitates trips to Rotterdam for foreign investors who are interested to explore the market.

Rotterdam Company Formation | Register a Company in Rotterdam
Dutch company formation services in Rotterdam

Dutch company Incorporation services in Rotterdam

In case you are planning to start a business in Rotterdam, INCO can fully assist you from A to Z.


INCO was one of the first Company incorporation agents in the Netherlands (2007) to take full responsibility for market entry in the Netherlands. We have a vast network and constantly develop our services. Therefore we are looking forward to assisting your organization in the Netherlands.

Our basic Company Incorporation Package consists of two elements:

This means you need to consider a budget of 3.000 EUR for the first year.


But varieties on our services are possible, starting at a simple branch registration for 750 EUR. Once the company is incorporated, we can assist with the VAT Administration and/or the closure of the fiscal book year (by drafting the Financial Statements, filing of the income tax return, etc. etc)


INCO’s main expertise is focussed on Company Formation packages, which include the following corporate support:

Procedures to Set up a company in Rotterdam; Get a Free intake!

INCO Global Solutions offers facilitates the Set up a company in Rotterdam, whatever type of Dutch company you choose to form. Our Company Officers are available for a free intake, to discuss the differences between legal entities, or explain the differences to a branch registration in The Netherlands.


The following legal entities can be considered when you are about to Set up a company in Rotterdam:

Sole Proprietorship

If you are a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup then you may consider registering your business as a Sole Proprietorship or Sole Trader. 


Private Limited Company (BV)

Most foreign businesses registering a company in Holland choose this form of company structure. The primary requirement for forming this kind of company is a minimum share capital of 0.01 EUR.

Public Limited Company (NV)

If you are forming a company in the Netherlands with the intention of going “public” then you should incorporate as a Public Limited Company. 


General Partnership (VOF)

If two or more partners are planning to do business in the Netherlands then a VOF may be a suitable company formation structure. Partners may be legal entities as well as individuals and there are no requirements for a local partner/director or minimum share capital. 


Limited Partnership (CV)

This type of partnership also requires two or more partners who are categorized as managing partners and silent partners. 

Professional Partnership

This type of company structure is formed by two or more partners belonging to a profession and not operating a business, per se. It is the ideal company formation for lawyers, accountants, architects, and similar professional partners.


Registering your company in the Netherlands may take the form of an Association if you do not intend to distribute profits to your members. 

Branch Registration

If you already operate an overseas business then a Branch Registration may be the ideal way to form a company in the Netherlands. Registering your business as a branch in Holland is different than forming a Limited Private company as a subsidiary in that your local branch is not considered a separate legal entity under Netherlands corporate law.


Registering as a foundation in the Netherlands is the ideal business structure for NGOs and charities. A Dutch Foundation is a self-owned legal entity with a limited liability like that of a Private Limited Company (BV) but devoid of any shares or shareholders. 

The company formation procedure in Rotterdam is relatively easy and does not require a personal visit of the director or shareholders.

 company formation procedure in Rotterdam

The time it takes for company Registration in the Netherlands is 3 - 5 working days, however, this is only after we receive the notarised power of attorney (we provide this document to you). On average the process of company Registration takes 1 - 3 weeks. 


We offer company formation starting at € 1.000 (no hidden or extra costs) and this includes the following:

  • Power of Attorney

  • Translation of the Deed

  • Registration fees at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

  • Dutch Notary fees

  • Guidance through the entire process

  • Registration of the Company Name and its activities

We offer Corporate Secretarial Service and includes the following:

  • Assistance in requesting a bank account (can only be requested after establishing a BV)

  • Requesting a VAT-number (can take 2 - 5 weeks depending on Tax Authorities)

  • Requesting EORI-number (for import/export)

  • Extra local substance (useful for VAT registration)

  • Translation services of Dutch letters

  • Assistance when abroad

  • Ensuring all paperwork of the company is sent on time

  • One sole contact at Intercompany Solutions

We offer accounting services and this includes the following:

  • Quarterly TAX and Intrastat filings

  • Annual profit TAX filing

  • Annual report   

   -  Filing at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

   -  Assistance with the tax authorities in case of questions regarding the VAT application.

   -  Application for an article 23 permit.

The documents that we require from each shareholder are as follows:

  • Colour copy passport + (selfie) photo holding passport open

  • Proof of address no older than 2 months (bank statement or utility bill)

We also require the following documents:

  • Completed INCO order form checklist

  • Rental agreement with a registered address in the Netherlands

One of the final steps is to visit a Dutch bank, however, the focus of Dutch banks is now on companies that perform local operations. For international companies, without local substance, it will be more tricky, and an overseas bank should be considered, at least as plan B. (no local bank account is required by law).  See also:

We like to inform you that local substance and a clear economic link with the Netherlands are important nowadays to start a banking relationship. You could consider becoming a Dutch resident (or appoint a local director/employee), an employee of your Dutch company. We could assist you with this, and after this, it would be easier to open a bank account. Since you are non-EU national, it means that you need to apply for a work permit, but we can also arrange this if you meet the criteria.

Please let us know if have questions, our Incorporation Team is happy to assist. You can schedule a call here

Entering the market in Rotterdam

INCO has experience in hosting Trade Missions to Rotterdam, but we can also run pilots to develop your business in Rotterdam and test the market.

INCO can also utilize our network to make your pilot more successful. We work with:

  • Rewin  (government investment agency in South Netherlands)

  • Rotterdam Partners (similar in Rotterdam region)

  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

  • Industry Representatives

  • Business Development agencies

  • Marketing Agencies

In case we are able to include Rewin, Rotterdam Partners, or another government agency, into this project, you can also  count on the following free support:

  • assistance with legal and tax issues

  • scan of subsidy schemes

  • financing advice and mediation

  • information about commercial real estate (existing or new building).

  • guide in negotiations and contracts

  • guide in construction and environmental procedures

  • performing benchmarks, eg Breda-Antwerp or Breda-Rotterdam

  • quality analyzes (distances, labor, infrastructure, training)

  • enable additional services

In short, INCO can assist in determining the strategy and/or help you execute it. If you are interested in our support, we can arrange a pricing structure that fits with your milestones.

Obtaining a residency in Rotterdam

In order to properly manage your new business in Rotterdam, you might also plan to stay longer periods of time in The Netherlands.

The standard travel visa might not be suitable for your situation, although INCO can assist you to obtain multi-entry Schengen visa’s which can be easily renewed. But the travel visa has a restriction, and only allow you to stay in The Netherlands for max 90 days out of 180 days.

To solve this matter, INCO provides inhouse residency services, and INCO Global Solutions can assist you to apply for a residency permit in Rotterdam, or arrange work permits for your staff.

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Accountants in Rotterdam

INCO provides accounting services in Rotterdam, especially focussed on global entrepreneurs and SME companies.
Our corporate services do not stop once the Dutch company is set up. We can provide all sorts of the ongoing company officer, or accounting services, to keep your company in good standing.

Our accounting services in Rotterdam consist of: 

Most of our clients hire us for the following Dutch accounting  services, which are required by law in the Netherlands;

The VAT admission is invoiced as a retainer each 6 months. We ask a €500 compliance fee for setting up the administration.


Please find our brochure for bookkeeping here: Bookkeeping Brochure

Please find our rates for these services here: Bookkeeping Fee List (which also shows the extra fees for example for payrolling (450 EUR per year, per employee)

Dutch Startup’s and Residency

As discussed earlier, Rotterdam is an ideal hub for innovative entrepreneurs. Obtaining residency in the Netherlands is possible, and several immigration programs are available, but based on the information that we typically receive on the leads/entrepreneur's situation, we believe it will be very hard to obtain residency as an entrepreneur without any strong economic ties with Rotterdam. 

A Self Employed Visa would NOT be a viable option unless you are planning to appoint at least 3 staff members in the first 18 months, and expect a healthy profit. In order to be eligible for any startup visa, or startup incentives (or even to check your banking options in the Netherlands), it will be important to have a business plan. In the Fact Sheet you find an overview on the Dutch tax requirements, and here you can read about the considerations for startup's.

The start-up visa process, and Entrepreneurs Visa process are very similar, aside from the 'innovative' aspect, it's still about the potential to scale a business (and ensure continuity) .    


Even if your company is a well established company, it might make sense to focus on an Employee visa permit anyway. Because even a CEO can be simply a 'employee' (even if they also own (some) shares in the company, but restrictions apply). 

Typically, it's easier to obtain a work permit for staff members in the Netherlands. But also there are several options for this. 

The easiest way for company Registration, and to obtain a residency in the Netherlands, is to register a subsidiary of your existing business. Then you can be relocated as a Manager or Specialist to the Dutch group company (the Intra Company Transfer permit allows for this, although a European Blue Card can also work, if the lead has a Masters Degree), without any big issues.  You need to consider a minimum salary of 4.500 EUR per month, and the conditions mentioned here. 

start a company in Rotterdam

Please let us know if you are interested to start a business in Rotterdam and don’t hesitate to contact our Incorporation Team  to discuss the details. You can schedule a call here

INCO has formed over 20 companies in Rotterdam so far, and this amount is rapidly growing.

In this article, we will describe the company formation process in Rotterdam, and how to make your Company Registration in Rotterdam a success! 

About INCO Global Solutions in Rotterdam:

  • Established in 2007

  • Over 1000 incorporations in total, and on average 40 per month (covering 1000 leads per month)

  • Multinational Staff in Breda, Rotterdam and Rotterdam

  • Partnerships worldwide

  • Founded ‘’ to support refugees to start their own company

  • Free ‘Incorporation Guides’

  • Developing state-of-the-art Platform and App

Why should you start a company in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is popular among certain industries, such as:

  • Creative Industry

  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Oil & Commodities

  • Water & Marine

  • Agri & Food

  • Innovation


Rotterdam is the maritime capital of Europe. The maritime ecosystem of Rotterdam includes one of the most competitive and successful maritime and offshore clusters in the world. With Europe's largest port, the presence of leading maritime service providers, traders, and insurers, Rotterdam is a logical location for companies.

The port and maritime sector in and around Rotterdam has an annual added value of approximately € 20 billion. Around 175,000 experienced professionals work here in the port, logistics, business services, government, education, and knowledge institutions.

The Netherlands is the world's largest exporter of Agri & Food products after the US with approximately 85 billion euros. Rotterdam plays a central role in this. Partly because of its strategic location on the Maas, the port, logistics knowledge, and specialized services, Rotterdam has an international pivotal position in the Agri & Food sector.

The Rotterdam region has a very high concentration of large and smaller food producers, food processors, and specialized trade and logistics companies. All major commodity traders are located here.

Rotterdam is internationally renowned for its drive for innovation and unpolished charm. Therefore, there is as much as possible here. Rotterdam is also the city where the old and new economies are naturally in line with each other and where organic crossovers and innovations arise.

The Rotterdam region is home to internationally renowned knowledge institutions – Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center, Delft University of Technology, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences – and start-up and innovation hotspots such as the

Cambridge Innovation Centre with its sister-organization Venture Café, RDM Rotterdam, Rotterdam Science Tower, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, YES!Delft and many more. 

Inco Business GroupToolkit



Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive the many business-related topics.

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Tax & Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!