Dutch VAT Number check

Can I  verify a Dutch VAT number online?

When a new client gives you his or her VAT number you are obliged to check whether the number they supplied is valid. A VAT number check can be done by using the online VAT information exchange system, this system is also known as VIES.


Before we explain about VIES, we will explain how to get a Dutch VAT number and the format of the VAT number.


How to get a Dutch VAT number?

All Dutch companies will receive a VAT number when they are registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The VAT number will be issued immediately after this registration. 


For companies established abroad, this procedure might differ. When a foreign company provides services or supplies goods in the Netherlands, they are obliged to register with the Dutch Tax Authorities to receive a Dutch VAT number. (please check our article regarding this subject for more information).

Format of the VAT number

For the VAT number check, first, check if each VAT number contains 14 characters. The first two characters contain the country code. For Dutch VAT numbers, this will be NL. The characters after the country code are the legal entities and partnerships information number (RSIN), this is for companies. For citizens, until lately these numbers were their citizen service number (BSN), because of a new law this is now prohibited. the Dutch tax authorities are issuing new VAT numbers to citizens liable for VAT. The last three characters are characters between B01 and B99. All invoices should state the companies VAT number. (For more information regarding invoices please check our article regarding this subject).

VAT information exchange system (VIES)

As we mentioned above, when you receive a VAT number from a new client you are obliged to check the VAT number to see if the number is valid. VAT number check can be done by using the VAT information exchange number, also known as VIES. 

With this VAT checker system, you can check VAT numbers from companies from the Netherlands and most EU member states. The VIES systems use real-time data to verify if a VAT number is valid or not, meaning that the information is up to date at all times. If you need more information on how to check a clients VAT number, VAT number validation in the Netherlands or any other VAT related question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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