A Brexit Deal at Last

Get your dutch branch registration for free!

Establishing a company in a new environment often comes with many challenges and requires personal guidance to get the best results. 

With this exclusive deal, we're promoting the Netherlands as a gateway to the EU during Global Entrepreneurship Week ánd we're giving UK Global Entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their branch registration for FREE!


So, are you a UK Global Entrepreneur? 
And, are you looking for a long-term partner in the Netherlands?

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  • Formation of a Dutch Branch for FREE.

Terms & Conditions apply to this promotion

  • This promotion is only valid for UK Global Entrepreneurs, whom want to set up a branch in the Netherlands.

  • In case of complicated group structures or circumstances extra fees may apply. 

  • This promotion is only valid in combination with any of our ongoing services.

I am interested!

Getting the process started is really easy, click on the button below, schedule a call and one of our experts will call you during that time slot! In this call the details will be discussed and we make sure our services are tailored to your needs.

Looking for another company structure?

Get in touch with us in case you are interested to start a business in another company structure such as a Dutch BV.  We are happy to discuss your possibilities and potential offers with you. 

Brexit Deal to start a business in the Netherlands
Brexit Deal
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