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Check out the E-Book written by our experts

Check out the E-Book written by our experts


Why The Netherlands?


Ideal gateway to EU


English documentation and government support


Easily obtain VAT + EORI number


Relocate non-EU Highly skilled staff, within 2 weeks!


Excellent Infrastructure and business environment

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Low formation fees

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Incorporate your Dutch BV

The Dutch BV is the most commonly used type of legal entity in the Netherlands, and is the equivalent of the Limited company.

You can easily create your
Dutch BV by completing our order form, and submitting your copy identification and passport copy. The whole formation process can be completed online.

Are you in doubt which legal entity is most suitable? 

INCO has assisted over 1.000 operational companies to enter the Dutch market, and is part of AMS Financial, with expertise since 1982. 

Schedule a call now with co-Founder Dennis Vermeulen, to discuss your doubts or plans, and receive a personalised quote and roadmap to a successful market entry in the Netherlands!

  • Dennis is the co-founder of INCO Business Group

  • Has more than 10+ years of experience in helping global entrepreneurs setup business in the Netherlands and globally

  • Has set up more than 1000 plus companies so far

  • Experience in Fiscal Economics & Startup Strategies

  • How to enter a market with limited resources

  • Full understanding on payrolling and residency solutions

  • Experience with >25 banks for banking solutions

/ with our co-founder, Dennis Vermeulen

How to Start Dutch BV?

Setup your BV in 5 simple steps, within 1-2 working days* (same day fees apply)

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The BV is incorporated


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From the moment an entrepreneur first contacts us for the successful formation of their Dutch company, and even after that, our goal is to make the entire process as simple, transparent and affordable as possible. We know how busy and stressful running a business can be, we’ll help make the process easier by setting out all your options and recommending the best course of action. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and entrepreneurial approach. Working with us the entrepreneur can be guaranteed to get a fast, fair and pleasurable service.

In this age of globalization, the threshold to operate internationally is low. International business is no longer reserved for large companies. Opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses are waiting to be claimed.

But gaining access to a foreign market can be complex. We specialize in advising entrepreneurs just like you. We’ll show you all the potential benefits and risks associated with opening up a foreign business so that you can make intelligent and informed decisions. Our local expertise combined with our international know-how gives us the necessary insight to ensure you’re guided in the right direction.

​Our innovative approach of corporate services, and our expertise come together on a regular basis during events, such as the Dutch Startup Day, part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. During this week, we ‘mean business’ and invite entrepreneurs to incorporate their company on the spot, and get connected to government officials, industry leads and peer-minded entrepreneurs.

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Dennis Vermeulen

How much does it cost to
start a Dutch Company?

The formation of a Dutch company requires the involvement of a Dutch public notary. However, a capital deposit is not required. As a consequence, the formation of a Dutch BV is cheaper than in Belgium or Germany. Check our fees below, which include the notary charges!


Comparing Dutch

Comparing prices in the Netherlands for company formation? Rest assured, you are at the right address. Other providers, such as firm24, do not offer (or charge extra fees) for: 

  • Appointing a corporate shareholder

  • Appointing a non-resident director or shareholder

  • Remote formation for corporates

INCO is one of a kind in the Netherlands in product, price & expertise. 

Best Deals from INCO

No hidden management fees, Best Competitive prices, pragmatic and entrepreneurial level of support, multiple board members allowed, including bank account opening support, 10,000+ Companies incorporated so far

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The six pillars of INCO

INCO Global Solutions is your ideal partner in The Netherlands, to launch your business. We offer SMEs and Multinationals a dedicated company formation support to access the Dutch market at fixed fees and low budgets. More importantly, we are experienced in developing your business, and we facilitate entrepreneurs to get familiar with the Dutch market, find their product-market fit, and successfully scale their business in The Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.


Online/Remote formation


Specialised in Expats and overseas Businesses


Lowest price Guarantee


All round inhouse services


Set up & managed over 10.000 companies since 1982


All around in-house services

Our Reviews

Everything  was followed quite effortlessly and it was a painless process, which only took me a couple of days." 
"Dennis is quite switched on and not a typical accountant. His company is also fresh and different. 

Said, mr. Metaxas. 

The rebranding of the Leisure Group to OYO Vacation Homes fits in with our ambition to become the number one player in the vacation rental market worldwide. OYO is currently one of the fastest-growing hospitality brands in the world. INCO helped us to achieve this. 

Tobias Wann, CEO of OYO Vacation Homes

The Dutch market is a great strategic location to market your products to the rest of Europe. Working with INCO has helped us run our business smoothly in the Netherlands. We would recommend working with them any day.

Nicole Sopko - Upton's Naturals


Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Netherlands company require a VAT number?

Not every Dutch (non-resident) company will be VAT liable, and therefore not required (or able!) to apply for a VAT number.Companies that do not perform any trading activities, in general to not have to apply for a VAT number (such as holding companies, etc.)

In case your company sells goods or services within the Netherlands, or the EU, your company might be required to apply for a VAT number. You can check our Tax Overview, or contact our Incorporation Officers for more information.

How Can I Open a Dutch Bank Account?

The opening of a corporate bank account in the Netherlands can be challenging. There is no legal requirement to open a Dutch bank account, so in case your Dutch company has no direct link with the Netherlands yet (such as a physical presence, staff, customers, etc.) we suggest that you consider using an overseas IBAN (for example at your current overseas bank), until you have a certain track record. Dutch banks, like ING, do open corporate bank accounts, even for brand-new companies. You can read more about that here.

What is the difference between a subsidiary or a branch registration in the Netherlands?

The obvious difference between a branch, and a subsidiary, is that a subsidiary is a separate legal entity. And a branch, is an extension of your current overseas company.

Simply put, you can only register a branch in the Netherlands, if you already own an overseas company. The advantage of registering your overseas company in Netherlands (at the Chamber of Commerce) is that you don’t have to work with a Dutch notary, and your overseas Company Law is leading (so Dutch corporate law requirements on publishing of Financial Statements, paying up share capital, etc. are not relevant).

Read More about the branch timeline
Read More about choosing a branch or legal entity

Are there any Company Ownership-restrictions in Netherlands?

There are no company ownership restrictions in Netherlands, and non residents can own real estate, company shares, etc. without any limitations.

What Non-Resident requirements do I need to consider?

Any non resident individual, or entity, can own or manage a company in the Netherlands. This means that there are no legal restrictions against this. However. Appointing a non-resident director (or shareholder) can have practical and tax consequences.


Read more about Substance
Read more about opening a bank account

What are the Legal Address Requirements in The Netherlands?

All companies formed in the Netherlands need to have a unique registered address, which will be used for the registration at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). In general, its expected that the legal address is in the Netherlands, but this is not a legal requirement in order to form a company in the Netherlands. If your Dutch company is still in the startup phase, and does not have a physical presence in the Netherlands, it can use it’s overseas (residential or office) address.

In any case, a rental agreement, or permission letter, should be available which shows that the address can be used for this purpose.

In case you use a Dutch business address service, you need to consider that virtual office addresses are not allowed in the Netherlands. This means that any business address must be accessible by you, and provide at least a flexi-desk service. It also requires that a manned reception desk is available, and that the ‘business center’ can contact you if required.

Aside from the legal address, it’s possible to use a separate mailing address for any incoming mail from the tax authorities. Typically such letters are sent directly to the accountant or bookkeeper.

INCO can help you translate your Dutch government letters, or correspond with government agencies, as part of our Company Officer Service.

What are the Requirements for a Company Administrator/Tax Representative in Netherlands?

There is no legal requirement to appoint a Company Administrator or Tax Representative in Netherlands. However, when a non-resident company applies for a VAT or wage tax number, it’s common practice that it uses the services of a local registered bookkeeping firm to communicate with the tax authorities and file the appropriate tax returns. INCO can assist you in the application of tax number, and filing of tax returns.

What are the company name restrictions in Netherlands?

Before starting a business in the Netherlands, you need to consider your company name, and the restrictions that apply in the Netherlands. For example, you can’t simply use the name ‘bank’ , ‘university’, ‘accountant’ in your company name, unless you are licensed to perform these activities. You are also not allowed to use personal names of someone else in your company name, like ‘Albert Heijn’ or ‘Freddy Heineken’. Assuming of course, such names are still available, you can use these names if it’s your actual name. Do you use your own name in your company name? Keep in mind that you run a greater risk of unwanted sales and even identity fraud.

Do not choose a company name with a brand name from another company (or names similar to it). A customer or supplier can then get confused. They may think that the products with that brand come from the company that uses the brand name in its company name.


You may not use a company name that can cause confusion with the public (for example, with customers or suppliers) because the name resembles an existing company name. Whether confusion can arise depends, among other things, on:

the similarity in the name/brand;

the extent to which the activities are similar;

the overlap of the work area, ie the area where the company operates.

If you find a company name misleading or confusing


Do you think the company name of another company is misleading or confusing? First try to solve it mutually. Is this not possible? Then you can start a procedure with the court.


Not all special characters and punctuation marks are allowed. You may only use @ & + and - in your company name. Characters like ()? ! * # / may not, for example, appear in your company name.

Can I add multiple Trading names in Netherlands?

Yes, you can. The trade names don’t have to be similar to the statutory company name. This way you have use multiple brands/trade names, using only one company. Please note that using a trade name does not protect your brand in all situations, and brand registration might still be suggested.

When you register a trade name in the Netherlands, you are allowed to issue invoices, or sign contracts, in the name of that trade name (instead of the legal company name).

What is the process of starting a Company in the Netherlands?

As with everywhere else in the world, the process of setting up a company in the Netherlands can vary based on the type of activity that the company is going to operate. Several industries have their own agencies and specific licenses that are required in order to operate, but even if that’s the case, the Dutch company can be setup first, before applying for such license.

Below, you will find the steps needed to have a fully functioning service company formerly registered in the Netherlands.

  • Start-Up Consult with a Company Formation Officer

  • Complete the application form, and provide company details

  • Collection of Documents

  • Formation Process

  • Approval & Signing

  • Visit to the Netherlands; Meet the notary and/or bank


Check our full Company Formation Timeline
Request your personalized Timeline based on your corporate structure and requirements

How long does it take to company formation in the Netherlands?

Company Formation in the Netherlands is not an integrated process and therefore it is difficult to give an exact time frame. Technically a company can be set up within 1 working day, if the formation is carefully prepared and all documents are provided by the incorporator. In reality it takes time to collect the right information, instruct the notary, receive the formation deed, and get the signed and/or legalized documents from the incorporator. In general it should be considered it takes between 5 and 10 working days to set up a company in the Netherlands.

How much does it cost to form a company in the Netherlands?

The costs to set up a company in the Netherlands depend on the company form that will be used. A sole proprietorship or Dutch branch can be registered at the Chamber of Commerce, without involving a Dutch notary. In this case the fees can be limited to the Chamber of Commerce fees (50 EUR). In case a Dutch legal entity is established, such as the Dutch BV or NV, notary fees (approx. 1.000- 1.500 EUR) need to be considered. The exact fees can depend on the complexity of the formation, and the amount of stakeholders.


READ MORE about setting up a Dutch BV within 1 day! Or check our Company Formation Timeline.

Do you require an Import License in Netherlands?

A common motivation for forming a company in the Netherlands is to be able to import products to Europe. For importing goods into Netherlands no import license is required. In case of certain foods, or goods, an import certificate might be required.

How does the Dutch Chamber of Commerce assist with company formation Netherlands?

The company formation procedure of a limited company in The Netherlands, does not require you to deal with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). The Dutch notary will deal with the company formation process of the Dutch company, and will register the private limited at the Chamber of Commerce(KvK). Only in case of a sole propietorship, you will deal directly with the Kamer van Koophandel. Nonetheless, the website of the Chamber of Commerce (www.kvk.nl) provides a lot of information concerning company formation in Netherlands.

More information about forming a company in Netherlands

In this guide we have tried to give a non-legal and simplified overview of forming a company in the Netherlands. There are many industry specific requirements and regulations that we have not covered and we encourage you to look at the many industry specific articles that we have published in our Business Toolkit to start your company in the Netherlands.


Check out the E-Book written by our experts

How to Incorporate a company in the Netherlands?