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Procedure to apply for the ICT permit in The Netherlands

If you decide to apply for a residence permit via the ICT( intra corporate transferees) scheme then the following facts must be taken into consideration:

  • You must not own the full shares of the company. However, it is allowed to apply for this work permit, even as ‘entrepreneur’

  • You will need to be placed on the payroll of the foreign entity for at least 3 months before we can submit the application.

  • You will need to have an employment contract with the foreign entity that is valid for at least three months before we can submit the application.

  • Your gross monthly salary must be equivalent to at least €4,324 excluding 8% statutory holiday allowance, ( i.e. €4,669,92 inclusive of holiday allowance) which amounts to €56,039.04 per annum inclusive of holiday allowance).

  • Since you will remain on the payroll of the foreign entity, you are not eligible for the Dutch 30% tax concession.

  • Depending on the length of your employment contract, the ICT permit can be issued for a maximum of 3 years. After this period you must change the permit to another status, such as the Highly Skilled Migrant Status.


Please check our separate Article on Highly Skilled Migrants. The main difference between the ICT program, and the HSM program (which are both targeted at the same audience) is that the HSM Work Permit requires a sponsorship status for the employer. This status might be difficult to obtain for a new starting company in the Netherlands, because it has to show its financially in good health.


ICT Work permit Fees The IND (government) fee for the ICT permit is: €897,-.

Our fee for this permit is €1.750,- excluding 6% general office costs and 21% VAT

In case your company is not a recognized sponsor, the IND will most likely forward the application for review by the Dutch Labour Authority (abbreviated in Dutch as “UWV”). The Labour Authority may request additional information and documents. For this procedure our associated Immigration Lawyers charges an additional fee of €950,- excluding 6% general office costs and 21% VAT. 

Steps to take regarding the ICT permit application.

These are the steps that are required when the employee is not recognized as a sponsor yet. When the employee is recognized as a sponsor the time path is much shorter and fewer documents need to be send to the IND.

Before the employee travels to The Netherlands:


  • The sponsor submits the application, with the IND, for regular provisional residence permit for the foreign national/ The foreign national submits the application at the Dutch Embassy or consulate in his or her country. The IND has to make the decision within 90 days. The costs for the application are € 285.

  • When a positive decision is given the foreign national can pick up the permit at the Dutch Embassy or consulate in his or her country (important to bring a passport and photos complying with the Dutch requirements for a Dutch Passport). The permit is valid for 90 days. When this letter is received you can make an appointment within two weeks on to provide the following information/documents: Fingerprints, signature and passport photo. Further you need to bring: Your passport, appointment code and your residence document.

  • The employee can travel to The Netherlands.

When the employee is in The Netherlands

  • The IND aims to have the Single Permit ready within 2 weeks, the maximum validity of the permit is three years for managers and specialists and one year for trainees. When the letter from the IND is received, you can make an appointment online to collect the single permit on All changes regarding the employee must be declared with the IND as soon as possible and may have consequences for the permit.

  • The employee needs to be registered with the municipality the employee is going to live in. The municipality will ask for a legalized and translated birth certificate.

  • A tuberculosis test needs to be taken. This has to be done within three months after the employee has received his residence permit. In some cases an exception may apply.

  • Within four months the employee must have health insurance.

The following information is required throughout the process:

When the company is recognized as a sponsor not all of the information has to be send to the IND. An own statement is enough. However most of this information is needed for the employment contract.

The employer established outside of the EU:


  • Name of the employer;

  • Address of the employer;

The employee

  • Name;

  • Date of Birth;

  • Nationality ;

  • Date of commencement of the employment at the foreign employer;

  • Current position;

  • Period of transfer to The Netherlands;

  • Will the employee return to the employer established outside of the EU?;

  • Name of the function the employee will have in The Netherlands;

  • Duties within the position in The Netherlands;

  • Educational background;

  • Experiences;

  • Weekly working hours in The Netherlands;

  • Gross monthly wages during the period of the transfer;

  • Prove that this is a common reward for the work;

  • Legalized and translated birth certificate;

  • Legalized and translated diploma’s;

The employer established in The Netherlands:

  • Name;

  • Registration number at the chamber of commerce;

  • Address (no postal address);

Bank details of the bank account from which the fees are debited

  • Name of the account holder;

  • Address;

  • IBAN;

  • BIC;

Details of the foreign national

  • Complete name;

  • Date of birth;


  • Who will sign the document

Contact us to get a full overview of the procedure, and the timeline to obtain the ICT permit in your case.

How long does it take to obtain a ICT permit for my staff?


An application can take upto 8 weeks, but our experience is that the ICT permit is provided in 2-3 weeks.
In case your Dutch company is a recognised sponsor, it’s likely you will receive the ICT permit within 2 weeks.

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