Establish an Agriculture Business in WestHolland

Why setup Agriculture business in Netherlands?

To some unbelievable but the Netherlands functions as the World's second-largest exporter of agriculture food products only behind the United States. So how does The Netherlands do this? A country that is about 270 times smaller than the United States? In this article, we will explain how and what makes the Dutch agriculture industry so dominant

The keyword here is efficiency. The Netherlands is largely located below sea level, providing a very fertile soil. Consequently, soil prices are very high, this forces farmers to adapt, using the available land to its fullest while improving upon its processes.

Rich Quality

Almost half of The Netherlands is covered in farms, greenhouses or livestock ranges. This results in the agriculture section of the Netherlands to be one of its biggest incomes. The government has strong regulations on the processes and demands food safety. A large part of The Netherlands' development in this industry to reach such a high level of food safety and efficiency is largely due to Wageningen University. Ranked 1st in the world among all agricultural universities. This university helps in reaching the regulations set by the government and further develop the industry.

Climate and Geographic Hub

The climate of the Netherlands is one of the most stable in the world. Located close to the North Sea, the Netherlands is considered a moist country with frequent rain that further benefits the industry. Furthermore, The Netherlands is ranked 4th in the world when it comes down to Logistics. One of the biggest airports in the world, Schiphol, well-connected highways and a central position in Europe all contribute to the Dutch competitiveness in the industry.

The Netherlands as your base of operations

For the Entrepreneur, the Netherlands will offer a sizable opportunity. From access to highly educated personnel to trading partnerships. From highly advanced technology to a beneficial location. While the initial investment costs might be higher than in other countries, the fertile land and the aforementioned perks make the Netherlands a favorable agricultural climate work in.


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