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No. 1 Company Formation Agent in the Netherlands

We provide incorporation services for companies expanding abroad.

Are you planning to start a business in The Netherlands? INCO Business Group facilitates companies to enter the Dutch market. From setting up a legal entity, providing administrative service, to complete facilitation and mentoring of startups and scaleup's.

Formed 1,500+ companies

Operational since 2007, we are highly experienced in company formation

24-hour response time

Company formation support all around the clock. Quick responses from our company officers.

24-hour formation time

Do you need to start a Dutch company urgently? We can start a business in 1 working day!

Our Solutions

We invest in entrepreneurs from Day 1

Starting a business overseas requires a strong local partner.

INCO Business Group is your ideal partner in The Netherlands, to launch your business. We offer SMEs and Multinationals a dedicated company formation support to access the Dutch market at fixed fees and low budgets. More importantly, we are experienced in developing your business, and we facilitate entrepeneurs to get familiar with the Dutch market, find their product-market fit, and succesfully scale their business in The Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.

Our challenge is to guide your company towards its first major milestone and ensure your Dutch company's success. INCO is also specialised in NGO's and charitable organisations, and INCO has launched it's own charity 'Incubators for Immigrants' in 2014 to support refugees to start their Dutch business. INCO is a recognised Sponsor for highly skilled migrants since 2017 (by the Dutch Immigration Office 'IND') , and act as Professional Employment Agency .


The Right Partner, to expand your Business to The Netherlands

Are you currently growing your business, and planning to start a company in the Netherlands?

With over 1000+ Company Formations, INCO is considered Netherland's most experienced incorporation agent, focused on global entrepreneurs, since 2007. INCO regularly hosts and joins international business events, and is considered an authority by the Dutch media on topics as Brexit, International Business, and Tax Planning.


हमें दुबई, यूके, भारत, जर्मनी, तुर्की, रूस और यूक्रेन और कई और देशों के बाजारों में व्यापक अनुभव है। बाजारों के साथ हमारा अनुभव, लेकिन (कंपनी) कानूनों और नियमों ने हमें नीदरलैंड के लिए आपकी कंपनी के विस्तार के लिए अपने संपूर्ण साथी के रूप में कार्य करने की अनुमति दी।





South Africa



One-Stop-Shop for your Dutch market entry

When you start a company in the Netherlands, there a tons of matters to deal with! INCO is the only company formation agent in the Netherlands 

that is able to provide you full support, with inhouse services. From company formation, to residency application, and trademark registration.

Legal Support

Fixed fees upon request

What’s Included

Obtain Residency for Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur VISA)

Employment Agreement

Obtain Residency for Relocated Staff

EU Trademark Registration

Draft General terms & Conditions

Become a recognised sponsor for highly skilled migrants

Company Officer Support

€1500 for first 12 months
€50-€125 p.m on succeding months

What’s Included

Tax number application

Mail Management

Basic Tax Support

Basic Legal Support

Bank Account Opening

Start your Dutch Company Package

Company Formation

Company Officer

EU Trade Mark Registration


Save €2.000 
€5.000    €3.000 
Business Development

Quoted upon request + equity (optional)

What’s Included

Business Plan

Content and Lead Generation

Get Refunds

Recruit Staff

Startup Mentoring

Administrative support

€125 p.m for the first 12 months\VAT filling (optional)
€1,750 yearly for CIT/FS

What’s Included

VAT Return


Financial Statements

Interim Reporting

Prepare your Dutch Business formation with our Support Pages

You might planning to start business in The Netherlands, which would require you to obtain a Dutch VAT number, or register as an Employer in the Netherlands.

Once your Dutch operations grow, you might be planning to setup a Dutch Limited company, and have to submit Dutch tax returns.

INCO offers fixed fees & timelines for all required services, and free consulting for newcomers in the Netherlands.

Setup a Dutch BV
Apply for Dutch VAT Number
Check Company Name
Submit Corporate Tax Return

Set up your Limited Company in The Netherlands

Are you planning to set up a Dutch Limited Company, such as the Dutch BV? INCO provides company formation services in The Netherlands since 2007. We work with public notaries all over The Netherlands, and can even set up your Dutch BV remotely via video call!

Starting a Dutch BV has never been this easy, you can use our online order form, and you will receive an overview of the costs & services. The costs of setting up a BV start at 1.000 EUR, and the Dutch BV can be setup within 2 working days!

Read more on company formation in The Netherlands in our Support Pages.

Most Popular Support Pages on Company Formation in The Netherlands

Intro to Dutch tax requirements

All you need to know on Dutch tax requirements for your company

30% ruling for Expats

Check the criteria to apply for a 30% ruling for your staff

the Dutch Startup Visa

How you can obtain Dutch residency as startup!

Charity status for NGO's

Start your Dutch charity & register a Foundation

Difference between branch and a independent company

Are you not certain about your Dutch corporate structure?

Most Popular Brochures on Starting a Dutch Business

Starting a business in the Netherlands requires a lot of planning and understanding of the procedures and regulations. INCO Business Group provides

more then 30 usefull brochures and whitepapers on how to start a business in the Netherlands.

Work permits in the Netherlands

Read how you can obtain a work permit for your staff in The Netherlands

Download PDF
Housing in the Netherlands

Read about renting or buying a house or an office, and the how to find the ideal location.

Download PDF
Dutch Entrepreneurs Visa

How you can apply for a residency permit as entrepeneur, enetring the Dutch market!

Download PDF
Company Formation

All details about our company formation services in the Netherlands.

Download PDF

INCO News and Press

INCO Business Group is considered an authority on numerouws topics related to the entrepreneurial climate of the Netherlands. INCO is regulalry involved in business events.

Our CEO Dennis Vermeulen has been part of several national news items covering trends in internatonal business. (such as Brexit, Tax Havens, etc.)

Succesfull Market Entries in The Netherlands - Case Studies

If you are planning to start a business in the Netherlands, you might be interested to hear about the experiences of like-minded entrepeneurs that

have already taken the first steps. We are happy to introduce you to one of our numerous success stories in the Netherlands. As we

have assisted clients from more then 50 (!) countries, we can probably connect you to an entrepeneurs in your region!


WheelAir - the start-up behind the first temperature control system designed for, and to fit all wheelchairs -  launched its wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary…


Sparkus Platform, the innovative digital coaching platform, has expanded from Turkey to the Netherlands! As part of the expansion, staff will …

Upton’s Naturals

With a combined 40+ years of veganism between them, company founder and Vice President Dan and Nicole know a thing or two about meat alternatives…

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